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Degenerate Kid’s new hurdler crush

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19-year-old Michelle Jenneke is an Australian hurdler. She’s not in the Olympics like the witty and awesome Lolo Jones but she’s also amazing. Michelle Jenneke’s pre-race routine is a heartbreaker.


Kitty Cat Olympics

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Kyrie Irving challenged Kobe Bryant to a one-on-one

via Buzzfeed

The Bet
Kyrie: You want to do it right now? 50 grand to a boss is nothing.
Kobe: I’ll cut it to 25 just for you.

Kyrie’s Dad
Kobe: I know your dad don’t think you can beat me one-on-one. I KNOW that. I KNOW that. Get your dad on the phone right now, be like, “Pops, tryin’ to bet Kob 50 grand I can beat him one-on-one.” He’d be like, “Son, are you crazy? Are you crazy?”

High School
Kyrie: Think he talkin’ to a high school kid.
Kyrie: Came out of college.
Kobe: You just came out of high school.
Kobe: You came out of high school.
Kobe: You played TWO GAMES in college.
Kyrie: Some people need 30 games, and some people need 11.

Lil’ Bow Wow
Kyrie: You think you playing Lil’ Bow Wow, or something?
Kobe: Y’all about the same size. Y’all about the same size. You know what I mean? You’re cute.

June 23 is Vans Go Skateboarding Day

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What is Go Skateboarding Day?

Go Skateboarding Day is an official annual holiday conceived by the International Association of Skateboard Companies (IASC) to promote skateboarding. Every third or fourth week of June, skateboarders celebrate Go Skateboarding Day. A celebration of the pure exhilaration, creativity, and spirit of one of the most fun activities in the world: skateboarding. Most skateboarders do this every day, but Go Skateboarding Day is particularly special because aside from skateboarding competitions for men, women and kids, it raises awareness about what skateboarding really is and the issues skateboarders currently face. In a way, you can also say Go Skateboarding Day is a creative celebration of independence (June 12, after all, is Independence Day). The mission every year remains the same: HAVE FUN, GO SKATEBOARDING

On June 23, VANS PH will celebrate Go Skateboarding Day at the World Trade Center Metro Manila. Skateboarding competitions, a sale event, prizes, freebies, food, drinks, and a screening of No Room For Rockstars (which currently holds an 82% audience rating at Rotten Tomatoes!). Plus a mini-concert featuring The Morning Episodes, Runaway Crimes, Save Me Hollywood, Butchercons, Franco, and Kamikazee!

Oh, I almost forgot: Entrance is FREE!

NBA TV’s Dream Team Documentary

This documentary by NBA TV that aired just a few hours ago shows footage of college players beating the Dream Team. Players also talk about how they didn’t like Isiah Thomas. Plus Jordan and Pippen taking turns against future teammate Toni Kukoc. It’s one of the best (if not the best) documentaries about the original Dream Team.

Pacquiao vs. Mayweather

One of the reasons why Mayweather fears Pacman

Guy scores 113 points

They may not play defense, but still… 113 points in a single game is impressive.

Shaq’s NBA fight wishlist

Shaq is retired now so he’s now a full-time media personality. He recently sat down with Inside MMA and talked about a few things. He also made a list of 5 NBA players he would like to fight. Charles Oakley, Charles Barkley, Karl Malone, Xavier McDaniel and Danny Ainge.

He already fought Charles Barkley once (and they’re going to be on the same show – Inside the NBA when the NBA returns). Old school Shaq-Barkley fight, other Shaq fights after the cut.

Dennis Rodman is a Hall of Famer

Malaysian player grabbed Asi’s balls and punched it. Asi punches him back.

I hope Mark Yee was watching. — Degenerate

Mark Yee of TNT molested Petron import Anthony Grundy

Join The KC Show Jebbing Contest For A Chance To Win P10K

Join The KC Show Jebbing Contest for a chance to win P10,000.00 (or if you like, KC can just jeb on you. Your choice.)

Jebbing the the act of taking a dump in public places (not on a toilet). Butt exposure is not necessary butt it is encouraged. Send your best jebbing photos to

Disclaimer: All photos submitted become property. This is not to say that we legally own your ass.

Vans Skateboarding Day

July 9 is VANS Skateboarding Day. Competitions, music, live performances by Urbandub, Salamin, Arcadia, The ButcherCons and Trick Your Mind, and live tattoo session with Wildside Tattoo.

Follow @Vansphmanila on Twitter and like them on Facebook for more details. You should also follow @wendellvans, the alpha male of Vans Philippines.

More importantly (and I will only tell you this because you’re reading this blog and therefore very loyal), ask Wendellvans to follow you back on Twitter. He likes it. He only follows the coolest people. If he follows you, you’ll get a pair of free Vans. I receive a pair of Vans shoes every month and I always say to him: “Sir, nakakahiya na po. You don’t have to give me free Vans often. I’ll buy.” yet he still sends me a lot of stuff because he’s a generous person and a Catholic who, like me, is celibate and a virgin.

P.S. I, Degenerate, was not under duress when I wrote this. I was not forced by @wendellvans to write this piece. He does not possess incriminating photos of me with what appears to be a couple of strippers who may or may not be she-males.

Celebrity Mugshots..Gotta Love em!

While writing the story about Mayweather and searching for his mugshot I came to realize two things. One, Floyd Mayweather is a real grade A scumbag. Two, there is a large number of celebrities with pimp ass mugshots for whatever reason they were arrested for. ┬áHere’s a small collage of some of the best. I’m actually thinking of making this into a poster and hanging it on my wall. Enjoy.

PS. if you have better ideas for a caption for the pictures leave them in the comments below. I’ll update them with the best ones. Thanks.

Me and Manny!

I had the hardest time holding back my laughter while Manny was promoting. I smile a couple of times.  The reason it was funny was because this was about the 10th time we did this. I like his little pimp microphone trick at the end too.

Wall Lords event by Vans

I suggest everyone come down to check out this event. It’s going to be good day for artists to show what they’ve got without the fear of being arrested for destroying public property.