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This girl loves her Vans x Hello Kitty

Posted by @Vansphmanila

Vans x Hello Kitty launch on July 22 at Vans Glorietta 3!


Vagina Nicknames

A vagina by any other name would…okay, wait. Wrong quote. But these common coochie slurs made us giggle and who knows—maybe you’ll find a new title for your tallywag, too.

6. Coconut
5. Bearded Clam
4. Barracuda
3. Honey pot
2. Beevs
WINNER: Panty Hamster

6. Pink Taco
5. Hot Pocket
4. Bikini Biscuit
3. Juice Box
2. Twinkie
WINNER: Waffle


June 23 is Vans Go Skateboarding Day

By Degenerate || @Alvin_Louis || Brought to you by @Vansphmanila

What is Go Skateboarding Day?

Go Skateboarding Day is an official annual holiday conceived by the International Association of Skateboard Companies (IASC) to promote skateboarding. Every third or fourth week of June, skateboarders celebrate Go Skateboarding Day. A celebration of the pure exhilaration, creativity, and spirit of one of the most fun activities in the world: skateboarding. Most skateboarders do this every day, but Go Skateboarding Day is particularly special because aside from skateboarding competitions for men, women and kids, it raises awareness about what skateboarding really is and the issues skateboarders currently face. In a way, you can also say Go Skateboarding Day is a creative celebration of independence (June 12, after all, is Independence Day). The mission every year remains the same: HAVE FUN, GO SKATEBOARDING

On June 23, VANS PH will celebrate Go Skateboarding Day at the World Trade Center Metro Manila. Skateboarding competitions, a sale event, prizes, freebies, food, drinks, and a screening of No Room For Rockstars (which currently holds an 82% audience rating at Rotten Tomatoes!). Plus a mini-concert featuring The Morning Episodes, Runaway Crimes, Save Me Hollywood, Butchercons, Franco, and Kamikazee!

Oh, I almost forgot: Entrance is FREE!

The MyJaps x Team Manila Collaboration

By Degenerate

A lot of MyJaps supporters deserved to be in my place Wednesday morning. I can only hope I do them justice by sharing my experience.

Collaborate /kəˈlæbəɹeɪt/ verb
To work together with others to achieve a common goal.

KC sent me a text message on Tuesday. “Be at Hard Rock Cafe tomorrow 11 AM.” So I went.

I was met by a surprise. I could see that a press conference was just about to start inside. “Are you here for MyJaps?” asked the receptionist. I didn’t know what to say. I thought I was just meeting KC for lunch to discuss the opening of our wrestling school. I thought to myself: “I’m not here for MyJaps, but now that I’m here, I want to be here for MyJaps.” I told the receptionist that I’m supposed to meet KC, so they put my name on the list, gave me a gift bag and a nameplate.

The MyJaps x Team Manila presscon was just about to begin. It was a relaxed, family-gathering kind of atmosphere. It really was. Almost like a debut, but not one of those really snobbish and very formal debuts with cotillions and intimidating people. It had a “feel at home” vibe.

The presscon was for Julie Anne Peñaflorida San Jose (also known as MyJaps) and Team Manila‘s collaboration. These two awesome entities are collaborating and releasing the “My Japs Collection” this April.

Julie Anne, Team Manila co-founder Jowee Alviar and VANS Philippines CEO Wendell Cunanan Wendellvans were introduced to the press. The host took us down memory lane of MyJaps’ wonderful and young career.

Julie Anne and Team Manila explained the goals of their special collaboration. Aside from reflecting Julie Anne’s youthful and fun-loving personality in the release of the “My Japs Collection,” proceeds will go to the patients of the Philippine Children’s Medical Center. Now that’s SPREADING THE LOVE!

Q&A with the press (more…)

Yes, it’s true. Pacquiao is positive.

Kat Alano admitted she’s bi-curious

Written by Degenerate

“All explorers are seeking something they have lost. It is seldom that they find it, and more seldom still that the attainment brings them greater happiness than the quest.” – Arthur C. Clarke

I’ve always admired KC’s co-host Kat Alano. I admire her more now.

Earlier today, Kat decided to admit she’s bi-curious. She admitted her bi-curiosity on The KC Show. She also said she wants to make out with Mocha.

We need to help make this happen for Kat. Who are we to deny this young gorgeous lady of her dreams and aspirations? I am begging asking all of you to please tweet Mocha Uson and ask her to be a guest on The KC Show.

You can listen to The KC Show weekdays on Wave 89.1 from 8AM – 11AM.

After the cut is a picture of Mocha. She’s hot!

MILF was a trending topic on

MILF was a trending topic on Yahoo! Philippines. Maybe Sunday is Mother I’d Love to Fuck Day Moro Islamic Liberation Front Day. I don’t know. — Degenerate

Law student tried to drive through a flooded street, fails

Christopher Lao, a UP College of Law student, tried to drive through a flooded street and ended up looking like an aspiring seaman.

He’s a “victim” so he blamed everyone but himself. He “should have been informed”. Yes, our streets should not be flooded and the government should do something about it, but he should blame himself as well. Was it machismo? Was he trying to impress everyone watching? I’ve been there but I know how to make a u-turn.

Maybe he just forgot this Latin maxim: NEMO EST SUPRA LEGIS (no one is above the water).


This kid just might be the next Pinoy YouTube sensation

The kid sells flutes for a living, according to the guy who uploaded the video. I would like to see him make it in showbiz so he can have a better life. —Degenerate

Join The KC Show Jebbing Contest For A Chance To Win P10K

Join The KC Show Jebbing Contest for a chance to win P10,000.00 (or if you like, KC can just jeb on you. Your choice.)

Jebbing the the act of taking a dump in public places (not on a toilet). Butt exposure is not necessary butt it is encouraged. Send your best jebbing photos to

Disclaimer: All photos submitted become property. This is not to say that we legally own your ass.

The next craze after “Planking”

As we know the “Planking” phenom has caught the world by storm and with most popular fads comes many different versions of the original. To date there are many like Koalaing, Deading, Toweling and Owling. Now I may have not start the so-called “Planking” craze, but I do remember doing the exact same thing many years ago called, “The Lying Down Game.” Again I’m not trying to take credit for inventing this idiotic waste of time, but I would like some credit as one of the pioneers in the Philippines. This request has been denied and the small credit I have yearned for will never be mine.  That is why I have decided to make up a new craze. A new phenomenon that will sweep the world over like Amanda Coling swept away any advice to stay off showbiz talk shows. This new craze will be forever know as mine.. This blog entry will be its introduction to the  world….

You have Owling, Deading, Toweling, Koaling and of course Planking. It is my pleasure to introduce to you…. (more…)

Tell Us What You Think About Amanda Coling

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KC’s car is missing

Please help KC find his car. He forgot where he parked it. It’s white and in his words “looks like a box”. I just hope it’s not grand theft auto. Maybe a carjacker hypnotised him to make him forget? I hope not.

His car is also a virgin so let’s pray this guy doesn’t find KC’s car:


Vans Skateboarding Day

July 9 is VANS Skateboarding Day. Competitions, music, live performances by Urbandub, Salamin, Arcadia, The ButcherCons and Trick Your Mind, and live tattoo session with Wildside Tattoo.

Follow @Vansphmanila on Twitter and like them on Facebook for more details. You should also follow @wendellvans, the alpha male of Vans Philippines.

More importantly (and I will only tell you this because you’re reading this blog and therefore very loyal), ask Wendellvans to follow you back on Twitter. He likes it. He only follows the coolest people. If he follows you, you’ll get a pair of free Vans. I receive a pair of Vans shoes every month and I always say to him: “Sir, nakakahiya na po. You don’t have to give me free Vans often. I’ll buy.” yet he still sends me a lot of stuff because he’s a generous person and a Catholic who, like me, is celibate and a virgin.

P.S. I, Degenerate, was not under duress when I wrote this. I was not forced by @wendellvans to write this piece. He does not possess incriminating photos of me with what appears to be a couple of strippers who may or may not be she-males.

The begging worked..



watch till the end for a suprise.

Winner of the 32″LCD TV Daniel Wesley!

I had a lot of entries for the Game Stop contest. I want to thank all who joined. I will be having more contests in the future so don’t worry. I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime heres the winning video by Daniel Wesley.

Battle of the Bulge..a confession by Ruby Rodriguez

I’m Fat!! Oh yeah and proud! Well not really, but at least I make money out of all these flabs. Been big ever since I could remember. Well except one time I lost so much weight, I lost one person. That was the time before I got married. Had to lose weight man, bridal gowns are expensive and the more textile used the more it costs!!! Besides, my picture will be taken and that picture will be hung in the house. Not only my home, but in my in the in-laws home so that look will be locked into immortality. At least my grand kids would say “Lola you’re so pretty and sexy” followed by what the hell happened! Dang kids now, they are so advanced! Its not that I have apo’s yet, im just preparing.

Well, to all my Fatty peeps or to anyone who can relate don’t you just hate those fats under your armpit? The one that pops right above your bra and peeps in the armhole? I hate that! I call mine “ palikpik ni Orca”. Losing weight is so darnn hard! I can’t buy clothes anywhere here is Asia. These asians are sooooooo puny. They have to be careful taking a shower or they might flow down the drain. American size? Now that is friendly. I can get a size 0… PLUS size that is. Hey, its still a 0, I don’t care what you say, it’s a freakin 0!!!!!! I’ve been called a lot of names, sheez stick and stones and all that crap but I have to admit it hurts sometimes. Then sometimes when you are out with your gorgeous friends hoping their beauty would rub off on you and when all the boys approach you thinking it did, yun pala they want an intro. F them, but it’s a good thing I have a sense of humor. In the end someone is bagged and I’m still fat!

Ok, enough ranting on all these fats. At least I have 2 beautiful kids to show and a showbiz career, if you call it that. My advice is to try and try, if you don’t succeed wtf embrace the bulge if you can reach it. Like I always say, “if there are things in life that are to good to be true they’re either immoral, illegal or fattening”… Ruby Rodriguez


I really don’t care if you’re fat, skinny, white, brown, purple, or yellow. I am an equal opportunity man. I don’t discriminate against any type of women. Except the women born with a penis. -KC

Celeblog with JayR

A friend of mine asked me to put together a few words for his blog.  It’s been 20 minutes of thinking and I can’t seem to think of a topic.  So now I am just typing the first thing that comes to mind.  Im hungry.  Just kidding.

Ever since I was young i’ve had a passion for music.  My mother sings, my dad plays the piano, my 2 sisters sing and my brother used to dance. My sister Jhing was recording original music, was in a band and a couple singing groups at 16 years old.  I looked up to her because she had endless perseverance when it came to her music. She also taught me how to sing.  Thank God she did or else I would’ve become a doctor or a lawyer of some sort.  But thats not the point.  The point is that music is within in our blood.

In a way my family directed me into becoming a singer.  Back in the 90’s my gigantic family would have parties every weekend.  And every get together my mom would stop the whole party to make me sing right then and there for everyone.  I would hate it.  We would fight all the time about that.  But because I respect and love my mother so much I would always let her get her way.  I would end up singing for everyone all the time.  Of course my uncle Bob would be accompanying me on his guitar.

My cousin would enter me in singing competitions at her collage.  I was the only kid competing and i’m glad to say I took home first place.  I won $400 that night then blew it the next day at the mall buying god knows what. What a waste of money.

Then I became a lead singer for my uncle Bob’s band called the Howlers.  It was fun because i got to perform with my sister Jhing all the time.  I used to sing Earth Wind & Fire, Ricky Martin and a bunch of other songs all night.  Since each member of the Howlers could sing, you name it we sang it.  We sang everything. The crowd would love it and dance all night.  Hahah that was so back in the day.


What are the odds, YOU’RE GETTING OLD!? by Pauleen Luna

I was looking through my photos last night and stumbled upon 2 not-so-pleasing photos. Which made me realize something. It made me realize that I am aging or in short, getting old. Not as if I’m old OLD. But it did make me begin to think and aside from the fact that someone’s bugging me to write this (YOU KNOW WHO I’M TALKING ABOUT MR. MONTERO).  I’ve come up with a list of signs that you know you’re getting older.


  • When you choose beer over soft drinks.
  • When you can’t eat pork fat as much (because you know your blood pressure will rise).
  • When start calling you Ms. Mr. Ma’am Sir and it gets TOO ANNOYING!
  • When you start to attend too many weddings and funerals.
  • When you choose to stay home than to go clubbing.
  • When you already do things that can put you behind bars.
  • When it’s already an effort to look good.
  • When you’re eating chocolates not because you love them, but because it makes you feel better after a bad break up.
  • When you have to think of bills rather than boys/girls.
  • When your mind makes contracts your body can’t meet.
  • When you don’t care when you’re wearing white socks with black shoes (AND I REALLY DON’T).
  • When when sleeping on the couch makes your back hurt.
  • When when there’s nothing left to learn the hard way.
  • When you’re told to act your age (YES MOM).
  • When you stop being excited about your birthday cake because chances are the candles will reveal your real age.
  • When you choose to let your ass warm up on your chair rather than bringing it to the gym.

And last but not the least

when this confident girl didn’t care to get herself photographed in her swimsuit

becomes this girl who doesn’t want to be photographed in her bikini, who also needed to crop the photo so she won’t be embarrassed.

If you can relate to all these signs, welcome to the club brothers and sisters!

Me and Manny!

I had the hardest time holding back my laughter while Manny was promoting. I smile a couple of times.  The reason it was funny was because this was about the 10th time we did this. I like his little pimp microphone trick at the end too.

Julius Babao Meets The Degenerate Kid

Julius Babao Meets The Degenerate Kid

Okay, Julius Babao didn’t really talk to me, but I follow(ed?) his tweets. I like the guy but he posted 2 tweets worthy of sarcasm from yours truly.

Julius Babao: “Ivan Padilla” sounds like “Robin Padilla”…

Degenerate Kid: What?! No way!!! Wait… Hmmm… Now that you mentioned it, yeah! I think “Ivan Padilla” sounds like “Robin Padilla”. Maybe it’s because they share the same last name. I could be wrong though…

Julius Babao: Trivia : Ivan Padilla and Robin Padilla are distant relatives according to Mrs. Malou Padilla.

Degenerate Kid: Really?! OMG! What are the odds!? This really amazes me. Who would have thought!? Hey, is KC Montero related to Troy Montero by any chance? Something about their names sound alike. I’m just taking a chance here though.. Hey, don’t go…

Editor’s Note: Julius Babao really tweeted those things. Degenerate Kid is not really a douchebag though. It would be cool if you can strikethrough the “not” of “not really a douchebag”.

Wall Lords event by Vans

I suggest everyone come down to check out this event. It’s going to be good day for artists to show what they’ve got without the fear of being arrested for destroying public property.

What’s a belt for?

I’ve always wondered what a boxer would do with something like this. I asked Nonito Donaire if I could actually use for what it was made to do. It’s called a belt right? Shouldn’t it be there to hold up your pants? Even Kris Lawrence tried….we had to give the belt back.

Notice the guy in the back. What’s he looking at?

Maneuver’s 25th Anniversary