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One of the reasons why Mayweather fears Pacman

The SmartNokiaVans Boracay Weekend Was AMAZING

Here are some pictures from the SmartNokiaVans Boracay weekend.

KC got molested by trannies on the beach after posting the photo above. Don’t blame the victim.

More photos after the cut (more…)

We encourage you to do this to your drunk friends.

A traffic enforcer tried to get 1k from KC

By Degenerate Kid

Because KC’s car has commemorative plates, a traffic enforcer in Makati pulled him over. The traffic enforcer wanted to give KC a ticket because according to him, “The city of Makati dislikes commemorative plates so they made a city ordinance.” Rommel, KC’s driver, explained that said ordinance was implemented in 2006, and that the MMDA already made a memorandum allowing commemorative plates as long as the original plates aren’t removed from the car and remain visible.

Then a funny thing happened. When the traffic enforcer saw KC, he wanted to “settle” things. P1,000 instead of a ticket that would cost P2,500. This made KC furious.

So KC said, “Give me the damn ticket! You’re corrupt!”

Then the traffic enforcer asked for KC’s autograph (also known as a KCgraph). KC was, like, “Talaga?”

Share your encounters with corrupt people by hitting the comments. You never know… KC might read your story live on radio.

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KC and Game Stop’s Pre-Christmas Giveaway

My mind is still on vacation.. but I’m ready to give something away now. I have too many prizes than I have contests for next week. I’ll give away a LCD TV now to the best contest idea posted here. Hit the comments. GO!

Survivor 4, Episode 5

Parts 2-4 after the cut.

Survivor 4, Episode 4 (Thursday, November 18)

(Parts 2-4 after the cut)

Survivor 4, Episode 3

(Parts 2-4 after the cut) (more…)

Survivor 4, Episode 2: KC’s Episode

(Parts 2-4 of the episode after the cut)

Day 1: KC, Firestarter

KC impressed a lot of people by building a fire. Bruce Willis is not The Last Boy Scout, KC is.

(Parts 2-5 after the cut)

Self Breast Exam by Olivia Munn

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. (Olivia Munn is KC’s future girlfriend)

Stars are so demanding (Paula Abdul, Jay-Z, Beyonce, J-Lo, Gaga, iddy, KC Montero)

We all hear about ridiculous diva demands so we decided to blog about some of them.

According to Us Magazine, Paula Abdul’s assistants must do the following:

Each assistant must carry and use a tape recorder at all times “because she doesn’t trust her own conversations,” the source says.

“She also makes them check the TiVo for any mention of her and put it on a DVD.”

Abdul team members should also prepare to go through her email — and respond to family and friends as the star herself.

The “Forever Your Girl” singer also needed constant reminders that she is a “warrior, survivor and gift,” adds the insider.

(Jay-Z and Beyonce, J-Lo, Gaga, iddy and KC Montero’s demands after the cut)

KC knows what it’s like to be Alexander Skarsgard

I don’t know why I laughed when I saw the picture above (tall guy is Alexander Skarsgard from True Blood) but I was surprised when KC did not find it funny. It turns out KC knows what it’s like to be Alexander Skarsgard.

Degenerate: “How often do gay guys give you the Alexander Skarsgard treatment?”
KC: “I get manhandled in provincial shows. Walking the crowd I nearly get fully masturbated.”

[Editor’s note: GLAAD can sue us if we don’t include this song clip. It’s just the law now.]

KC’s having a bad hair day with Laila Chikadora

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Join The KC Show Jebbing Contest For A Chance To Win P10K

Join The KC Show Jebbing Contest for a chance to win P10,000.00 (or if you like, KC can just jeb on you. Your choice.)

Jebbing the the act of taking a dump in public places (not on a toilet). Butt exposure is not necessary butt it is encouraged. Send your best jebbing photos to

Disclaimer: All photos submitted become property. This is not to say that we legally own your ass.

The next craze after “Planking”

As we know the “Planking” phenom has caught the world by storm and with most popular fads comes many different versions of the original. To date there are many like Koalaing, Deading, Toweling and Owling. Now I may have not start the so-called “Planking” craze, but I do remember doing the exact same thing many years ago called, “The Lying Down Game.” Again I’m not trying to take credit for inventing this idiotic waste of time, but I would like some credit as one of the pioneers in the Philippines. This request has been denied and the small credit I have yearned for will never be mine.  That is why I have decided to make up a new craze. A new phenomenon that will sweep the world over like Amanda Coling swept away any advice to stay off showbiz talk shows. This new craze will be forever know as mine.. This blog entry will be its introduction to the  world….

You have Owling, Deading, Toweling, Koaling and of course Planking. It is my pleasure to introduce to you…. (more…)

KC’s car is missing

Please help KC find his car. He forgot where he parked it. It’s white and in his words “looks like a box”. I just hope it’s not grand theft auto. Maybe a carjacker hypnotised him to make him forget? I hope not.

His car is also a virgin so let’s pray this guy doesn’t find KC’s car:


Not the best reaction…

The begging worked..



watch till the end for a suprise.

I’ve had enough of Justin Bieber!

Mayweather..What Can I Say About You?

Let’s start things off by saying you’re a pussy and a scared bitch of an asshole.  I’m sure all of you have already heard or seen the video of Floyd Mayweather Jr. throwing out racist remarks towards Asians.  He also has already apologized.  Now, honestly I don’t believe Floyd is a racist.  I do believe he may be one of the dumbest people on earth though.  For him to say those things and think that no one will hear them puts him right below the sea slug in the hierarchy of brains department. Heres the video if you haven’t seen it.

Look at this smiling fool! Does he know this is a mugshot?

That’s not the end of it. Recently, Floyd was arrested on suspicion of stealing his baby momma’s iphone.  Floyd “Money” Mayweather steals an Iphone. Marvelous. He has also had many instances according to the police reports and past cases where beating woman is involved.  Here is his mug shot..

So Floyd for this month’s moronic, unintelligent, feeble-minded rant, the brainless attempt at an apology and your domestic iphone thievery you receive and award.  The award for dumbest creature on earth award for the month of September. Sharing this award with you is Hitler, who back in 1939 invaded Poland starting WWII and not to be left out are the dumb fucks that flew planes into the Twin Towers. Congratulation Floyd you deserve it!

Cassandra Bongga on Party Pilipinas

I cannot believe that after all the years I’ve spent supporting GMA that they give Cassandra the spotlight for an upcoming episode of Party Pilipinas. I thought that after she left the county some time back that we’re not going to see her anymore.  Well unfortunately she has surfaced once again. The story is that she demanded for her own dressing room with all white furniture. She wanted pink M&M’s and a bench press set. Without hesitation the people of GMA provided that to her. I can’t even get a production number and I’m a regular. My how the tide has turned. Good luck Cassandra may you roll an ankle while in heels.

Me and Manny!

I had the hardest time holding back my laughter while Manny was promoting. I smile a couple of times.  The reason it was funny was because this was about the 10th time we did this. I like his little pimp microphone trick at the end too.

HATE MAIL FOR THE MALE I HATE..F.U.KC! send letters to

Dear KC Montero,

When I heard that you were actually giving people the chance to write you letters regarding the hate we harbor inside for you, I had to jump to the occasion. I think that you are one of the most overrated hosts in television.  The fact that I say “overrated” is a compliment.  To even give you a “rating” disgusts me. I’m not sure what you do is called hosting.  You stand on stage, make goofy faces and try to make pa-cute by butchering the Tagalog language.  Mr. KC Montero, I hate you . Maybe it’s not entirely your fault, though. Maybe no one has ever had the balls to tell you off.  Maybe they have, but because of your oddly thick skull you never listen. You seem to be oblivious to the fact that you are an extreme waste of space.  That’s only for TV.

Now the geniuses at AYC have decided to give you a microphone for U92? I fail to see the rationing in this one.  While you may have been able to fool people on stage by masking your talentless ass by acting like an idiot.  Radio on the other hand is a profession for speaker.  People who know how to talk, I know most of you may understand this, but for KC and his pea brain you have to repeat yourself.  Your show is weak, you never have a topic, Justin Bieber is redundant, Lesbian thursday consists of one lesbian, you beg for callers, you make fun of other people and you’re not funny.  You always brag about all the cool stuff you get for free on the show, but heres the truth.  You get old siopao from Gourmet Pao, cupcakes that weren’t meant for you from Sweet Patti Cakes, throw away t-shirts from Greyone and factory defects meant for the swap meet from Vans.

I really would like to continue with this letter, but I have better things to do.  Which means I have to take a- YOU.. that’s what I call it when I have to take a shit.

Thank you for reading my letter.  More power to U92 and the other DJs, you on the other hand can go play in traffic.

Love your brother,

Colby Miller

Wall Lords event by Vans

I suggest everyone come down to check out this event. It’s going to be good day for artists to show what they’ve got without the fear of being arrested for destroying public property.

FOR AUGUST: 32in Coby LCD TV giveaway soon from “the KC show” and “Gamestop!”

Coby TFTV3217 32″ LCD HDTV features dual ATSC/NTSC tuners for great digital reception and MTS sound system delivers a choice of stereo, SAP, or mono sound. With two HDMI inputs and a 15-pin VGA interface, this TFTV3217 TV is perfect to use as either a television or a computer monitor. Other features include 700:1 contrast ratio, Digital Comb Filter and Noise Reduction , 2 HDMI inputs, and full-range stereo speakers (20W). Price, walmart has Coby TFTV3217 32″

Tune in to the show for details on how to join. You must be a follower of @gamestopph on twitter. If not be a member of “the KC show” on FB. If you don’t have any of those accounts then you must be a caveman and don’t care about a TV.

Send me funny hate mail for my new segment, “FU.K.C.” Get it? FU….KC… Here’s my first one!

Dear KC Montero,

Greetings, d-bag! How are you? Me, I have a lot of problems. I have a lot of problems with you.

I used to like you back in the day because I love MTV, especially Joey Mead who was my most favorite VJ. I even bought that shampoo regularly because you endorsed it and 7 years later I started to have bald spots. Now I can never have hair like Justin Bieber’s. And if that’s not enough, you keep tweeting and talking about Justin Bieber to rub it in. I’ve unfollowed you to tell you I don’t like you anymore but I still check your tweets regularly.

You see KC Montero, you ruin a lot of things for me. I think you were put here in this earth to ruin my life. As if you don’t know it yet! Hello?!

Morning Would was Mo Twister’s competition. I like Mo Twister more than I ever liked you. You call yourself his friend yet you went ahead and became his competitor. Remember when Gretchen was interviewed and asked about how she felt that she and Claudine were going head-to-head that one time and then she cried and walked out? That’s because she was hurt. I didn’t see you do that because maybe you’re heartless and you don’t love Mo – you’re just pretending so he goes out on dates with you. (more…)