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Vans LXVI: The Next Evolution in Footwear from the Action Sports Original

By Degenerate || @Alvin_Louis

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Ultra-Light, flexible and comfortable, LXVI represents Vans’ most progressive athletic designs

From @Vansphmanila:

Vans’ LXVI line introduces the next evolution in footwear from the action sports original. With LXVI, Vans delivers our most progressive and technically advanced athletic designs in ultra-‐light, flexible and comfortable shoes. With the active lifestyle of action sports in mind, LXVI offers versatile shoes free from traditional construction parameters with a singular focus on everyday wear through superior comfort, flexibility and reduced weight. Fusing these advanced designs with the familiar Vans aesthetic results in the next generation of your favorite shoes.

LXVI debuts at retail with five innovative designs representing a wide range of progressive athletic silhouettes and eye-catching color pops. Vans launches LXVI with the lightest Vans shoe ever, the Graph, the mid‐top Secant, the all-terrain Inscribe, the thoroughly modern Variable and the unmistakable Vans look of the Ortho. LXVI shoes feel unlike any previous Vans footwear thanks to several new construction advances resulting in the more comfortable, lightweight and flexible fit, like LuxLiner, Waffleflex, UltraCush Lite, ActionFit, PleasureCuff and RapidWeld.


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