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Never Volunteer to Demonstrate Anything


You’re welcome you guys

By Degenerate || @Alvin_Louis

It’s a GIF. Just wait for it to load.

Facebook changed your default email without you knowing

By Degenerate || @Alvin_Louis

Did you know The Facebook (yes, I call it The Facebook) changed your default email address? They did. Go ahead, check.

Did you know you have an email account? You do. It’s what you use when messaging people on Facebook. Apparently, very few users use their Facebook email because most of us use Yahoo! Mail or Gmail (or in my case: Edsa Mail), so they took action and changed your default email without telling you.

Your default email is what appears on your profile info. If your default email was, say,, then you can bet The Facebook changed it to, or worse [randomnumbers]

This sucks because they didn’t tell us. It’s an unpleasant surprise to us. Like date rape.

(source: Gizmodo)

The 1st Annual LOL Awards

By Degenerate || @Alvin_Louis || Brought to you by @Vansphmanila is all about creating new traditions. This year, we bring you the 1st Annual LOL Awards. Vote wisely because the winners will each be given a very expensive trophy, a lifetime supply of breadsticks (12 boxes), VANS stickers and a guest spot on The KC Show with Kat and Skratchmark.


Vans Go Skateboarding Day, as told by Twitter photos

By Degenerate || @Alvin_Louis || Brought to you by @Vansphmanila

Vans Go Skateboarding Day was was epic!

Here are some pictures from the event as captured by @Vansphmanila, @wendellvans, @troymontero and @alotofDON: (more…)

CEO of Vans PH Manila spills the beans

By Degenerate || @Alvin Louis

Don’t tell the marketing team of Vans PH Manila, but CEO @wendellvans gave away secrets on Twitter. A few tips, if you will.

Tip #1: Get there EARLY. There are VANS products ON SALE that are LIMITED quantity

Tip #2: Before you do anything when you get in, BUY the Vans Go Skateboarding Day tees FIRST. It’s LIMITED quantity.

Tip #3: Vans caps can only be bought at this event and they are at a very, very low price.

Tip #4: You have the best chance to win raffle prizes if you get there before noon.

Tip #5: Wear your OLDEST VANS you ever own even if it doesn’t fit. (I wonder why. Maybe the CEO will give you a new pair?)

Tip #6 and perhaps the most important tip: Wear VANS.

There’s also this secret: They have 3 brand new ramps in a shape of VANS shoes. Ride them and score more points!

See you guys at the World Trade Center tomorrow for Vans Go Skateboarding Day!

Meet Justin Bieber’s New Girlfriend

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June 23 is Vans Go Skateboarding Day

By Degenerate || @Alvin_Louis || Brought to you by @Vansphmanila

What is Go Skateboarding Day?

Go Skateboarding Day is an official annual holiday conceived by the International Association of Skateboard Companies (IASC) to promote skateboarding. Every third or fourth week of June, skateboarders celebrate Go Skateboarding Day. A celebration of the pure exhilaration, creativity, and spirit of one of the most fun activities in the world: skateboarding. Most skateboarders do this every day, but Go Skateboarding Day is particularly special because aside from skateboarding competitions for men, women and kids, it raises awareness about what skateboarding really is and the issues skateboarders currently face. In a way, you can also say Go Skateboarding Day is a creative celebration of independence (June 12, after all, is Independence Day). The mission every year remains the same: HAVE FUN, GO SKATEBOARDING

On June 23, VANS PH will celebrate Go Skateboarding Day at the World Trade Center Metro Manila. Skateboarding competitions, a sale event, prizes, freebies, food, drinks, and a screening of No Room For Rockstars (which currently holds an 82% audience rating at Rotten Tomatoes!). Plus a mini-concert featuring The Morning Episodes, Runaway Crimes, Save Me Hollywood, Butchercons, Franco, and Kamikazee!

Oh, I almost forgot: Entrance is FREE!

Please Give Her Cock. I mean Coke. She likes Coca-Cola.

Now imagine your favorite K-Pop stars asking for Coke.

They will buy their son a new Macbook Pro because he promised not to be gay

By Degenerate || @Alvin_Louis

This Craigslist posting has been flagged for removal. Here’s a screenshot though:

It says:

I am selling my son’s macbook pro 15 inch. He found out that there is going to be a new macbook so I will be buying that for him. I bought it last summer so it isn’t even a year old yet. It is on pretty decent shape. I am pretty firm on the price.
Just a footnote, I don’t want to get a ton of messages from you guys saying that I am spoiling my son and turning him into an entitled monster. There is a backstory that you aren’t even aware of. My son was committing homosexual acts and got caught in the act. We made a deal that if he chose to be straight, that we would buy him more nice things. So don’t message me saying that I am a bad parent for spoiling him. It’s quite the opposite, I am a good parent and I’m working with him to correct his problem.

Mom, Dad, if you are reading this, I promise to remain straight if you buy me the new Macbook Pro. If you don’t buy me the new Macbook Pro, I will do homosexual things, mostly with lesbians. Your son, Degenerate.

NBA TV’s Dream Team Documentary

This documentary by NBA TV that aired just a few hours ago shows footage of college players beating the Dream Team. Players also talk about how they didn’t like Isiah Thomas. Plus Jordan and Pippen taking turns against future teammate Toni Kukoc. It’s one of the best (if not the best) documentaries about the original Dream Team.

Meet My Idol Myrick Hilario

I know you guys want this guy on KC’s podcast. Isn’t Myrick amazing!? He should have a professional music video. Somebody put him on quick!!! —Degenerate

Pacquiao vs. Mayweather

Straight, Slim or Skinny?

By Degenerate || @Alvin_Louis || Brought to you by @Vansphmanila

Buying a pair of jeans has always been tough for me. Buying the right pair of jeans always is. You have to find the right fit, the right style. How many of us asked questions like “What is straight cut jeans?” or “What’s the difference between ‘slim’ and ‘skinny’ jeans?” Here’s what the internet says:

Straight Cut


Straight-cut jeans typically sit at your natural waist and are slim through the seat and thighs. The fabric should skim your silhouette and the leg should be long, tapering off gradually and slightly at the ankle. This style of jean is classic, and if you have the body to wear them, straight-cut jeans can pretty much be paired with anything.

VANS V86 Straight

The difference between Slim and Skinny jeans after the cut. (more…)