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Why They Say “Vans! Vans! Vans!”

By Degenerate || @Alvin_Louis

Jonah Hill rocked Vans for 21 Jump Street

“Vans! Vans! Vans!”

I used to hear KC and @wendellvans say this all the time. I wondered what it meant. Is it an inside joke? A subtext?

Then I moved to Manila. In my first week, I saw a lot of people rockin’ Vans. It was overwhelming because I’ve never been to a city where most of my kababayans rock Vans.

Let me tell you about how I started my first day after I moved into my new apartment. I got in the elevator with 5 of my new neighbors and I noticed two of them wear wearing Vans shoes. 3 out of 6 people wearing Vans in an elevator – maybe I’m just easy to please and amuse, but that’s awesome!

I decided to roam the city and visit some malls. I asked for directions from a guy wearing a Vans t-shirt on how to get to the mall, he told me to take a jeep. “Sakay ka ng papuntang SM,” he said. So I did. I hopped in a jeep and could not believe my eyes when I saw four of my fellow jeepney passengers, again, ROCKIN’ VANS. It’s like Vans is everywhere. Vans! Vans! Vans! – “I’m starting to get it now,” I said to myself.

I got off the jeep and walked to SM to window shop. They sell Vans. I roamed around, lost myself, decided to walk some more, found myself inside Greeenbelt. I don’t know if it’s Greenbelt 1, 2 or 3, but they have Vans there too! Walked some more and ended up in Glorietta 3 (I know it was Glorietta 3 because I asked the guard). What’s in Glorietta 3? The Vans Concept Store.

Then just the other day, I watched the movie ’21 Jump Street’ and found out Jonah Hill rocks Vans too!

Vans is everywhere. No wonder Manila is so cool!

Vans! Vans! Vans!


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