Get in where ya fit in….

The SmartNokiaVans Boracay Weekend Was AMAZING

Here are some pictures from the SmartNokiaVans Boracay weekend.

KC got molested by trannies on the beach after posting the photo above. Don’t blame the victim.

More photos after the cut

It was not a sausage party.

Rhian had to hold her breath because KC smelled like dirt.

Rhian and Maxene.

johnnyverse getting the crowd cra cra!

Rhian photobombing Troy.

Sweet couple Aubrey Miles and Troy Zoolander Montero.

“No comment.” – KC

KC and Maxene. “Say cheese!”

KC and the broski Don Allado.

Don Allado is a hoser.

“We freed Willie at the party. PETA will be so pleased with me.” – KC

Tim Yap and KC.

In yo face!

The Wishing Stone at Discovery Shores. KC wished for world peace and 3 more wishes.

Leaving Boracay.

Making more wishes.


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