Get in where ya fit in….

A traffic enforcer tried to get 1k from KC

By Degenerate Kid

Because KC’s car has commemorative plates, a traffic enforcer in Makati pulled him over. The traffic enforcer wanted to give KC a ticket because according to him, “The city of Makati dislikes commemorative plates so they made a city ordinance.” Rommel, KC’s driver, explained that said ordinance was implemented in 2006, and that the MMDA already made a memorandum allowing commemorative plates as long as the original plates aren’t removed from the car and remain visible.

Then a funny thing happened. When the traffic enforcer saw KC, he wanted to “settle” things. P1,000 instead of a ticket that would cost P2,500. This made KC furious.

So KC said, “Give me the damn ticket! You’re corrupt!”

Then the traffic enforcer asked for KC’s autograph (also known as a KCgraph). KC was, like, “Talaga?”

Share your encounters with corrupt people by hitting the comments. You never know… KC might read your story live on radio.

Tune in to The KC Show on Wave891, 9 PM – 12 MN Monday – Thursday, 10 AM – 2 PM Friday.


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