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VMA Prosthetics: Lady Gaga’s penis and Beyonce’s belly

Rolling Stone reports:

Lady Gaga went very method in her drag performance as Jo Calderone at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday night. An insider has confirmed to Us Weekly that the singer went so far as to wear a prosthetic penis under her suit.

Meanwhile, has this to say about Beyonce:

According to a TOP INDUSTRY INSIDER, the word BEHIND THE SCENES at the VMAs was that Beyonce was wearing a PROSTHETIC BELLY.

Our insider claims that Beyonce IS IN FACT pregnant. But that she is NOT in her second trimester – she’s only a little more than 8 WEEKS pregnant. Tells the insider, “She wanted the announcement to be dramatic, so she made sure she had a baby bump.”

On a related note, I happen to have a penis but sometimes I use prosthetics (in the form of socks stuffed in my underwear) but only for dramatic effect. — Degenerate

(Beyonce’s belly one week before the VMAs after the cut)


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