Get in where ya fit in….

Wait till the CBCP sees this, Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga likes provoking the Catholic church which is kind of cool but also kind of bad for her if the church leaders are right and she goes to hell come judgment day. Lady Gaga, we are little monsters, but naughty pictures of yourself portraying a nun ready for a spanking? Bad. Catholic church protecting pedophiles? Good? — Degenerate

The Sun reports:

PROVOCATIVE Lady GaGa clasps her hands in prayer as fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier prepares to spank her.

Wearing an outfit that echoes a nun’s habit, the controversial singer presents her posterior to the Frenchman.

With a hand poised, the industry veteran glances at the songbird while clad in a priest’s outfit.

Certain to spark outrage, the pair staged the scene to promote a forthcoming TV show.

The special, GaGa By Gaultier, airs in the US next month.

It sees the designer quiz the clothes-mad singer on all facets of her career.


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