Get in where ya fit in….

Stars are so demanding (Paula Abdul, Jay-Z, Beyonce, J-Lo, Gaga, iddy, KC Montero)

We all hear about ridiculous diva demands so we decided to blog about some of them.

According to Us Magazine, Paula Abdul’s assistants must do the following:

Each assistant must carry and use a tape recorder at all times “because she doesn’t trust her own conversations,” the source says.

“She also makes them check the TiVo for any mention of her and put it on a DVD.”

Abdul team members should also prepare to go through her email — and respond to family and friends as the star herself.

The “Forever Your Girl” singer also needed constant reminders that she is a “warrior, survivor and gift,” adds the insider.

(Jay-Z and Beyonce, J-Lo, Gaga, iddy and KC Montero’s demands after the cut)

According to The Sun:

Rapper Jay-Z ordered four golf buggies on his “rider”, while wife Beyonce said hers must have a love seat and be 78°F.

Jennifer Lopez wanted her coffee stirred anti-clockwise, Lady GaGa called for a Sunday roast by 5pm and P Diddy needed 204 towels.

Brit band The Wanted were more modest, asking for Boddingtons beer, pork scratchings, an Xbox and dartboard. The list came from Capital FM.

Of all those demands, I find iddy’s disturbing(I don’t know if I should call him Puff Daddy, Puffy, P. Diddy, Diddy, Sean Jean, so I just go with iddy). 204 towels? I’m just gonna go ahead and say he masturbates a lot. Must be it.

Not to be outdone, KC Montero also made a list of demands. His demands are:

-a female co-host
-that staffers must refer to him as “Lebronjamesdragonslayer” and it MUST BE ONE WORD

and a framed photo of this:


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