Get in where ya fit in….

Lady Gaga wears regular clothes now

The Sun reports:

LADY GaGa has found a clever way to disguise herself from besotted fans – wearing regular clothes.

The singer almost looked normal as she went out for a meal in Beverly Hills.

Her reason for scrubbing up may have something to do with Britney Spears.

GaGa confessed her love to Britney after watching her concert – part of her Femme Fatale tour – in Atlantic City.

Backstage, GaGa told her: “Girl, you’re so damn hot, I would.”

She then imitated some of Britney’s dance moves.

A source said: “They sat for around an hour gossiping and talking about collaborating together on a track – GaGa already has two songs in mind.

“They even spoke about getting her down to one of Britney’s later performances in October, if she could schedule it, to duet with her on stage.”

Meanwhile, GaGa’s gran has been talking about her granddaughter’s skimpy outfits.

Surprisingly, she doesn’t mind the singer prancing around half-naked on and off stage.

Angelin Germanotta said: “I’m blind, so I really don’t see all those sexy outfits.

“I can only see her legs when she is on TV, so it’s good that she wears those outfits, so I can spot her.

“She wears jeans and just ordinary clothes with the family.

“She was a straight-A student, did all of her homework and went to Mass.”

That’s what GaGa told her, anyway.


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