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Lady Gaga is a man now

Lady Gaga has an alter-ego now and his name is Jo Calderone. The alter-ego looks like The Artist Formerly known as Prince. Or David Blaine (if David Blaine made his penis disappear).

Radar Online reports:

Lady Gaga resurrected her male alter-ego Jo Calderone for the artwork of her new single You And I.

The outspoken singer, who first portrayed Jo — a fictional Italian car mechanic — for Vogue Hommes Japan’s 2010 September issue, tweeted two front covers for her latest Born This Way single, showing her in black and white with sideburns and stubble.

In the artwork, Lady G also smokes a cigarette while posing in a black blazer and white t-shirt.

GaGa accompanied the artwork with a tweet: “You will never find what you are looking for in love, if you don’t love yourself #You&ISingleCover.”

Lady Gaga has also previously teased the You And I video, which she has promised will be posted on Twitter as her one-thousandth tweet.

The promo was shot in Nebraska last month, recently claiming that the video is about taking a journey to win back the one you love.

I’m a little monster. —Degenerate


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