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Rihanna is back with her ex (not the one who beat her up)

Rihanna is back with her former flame. No, not Chris Brown because he only dougies with plus-size women now. Plus Chris Brown is probably into boys now.

Rihanna is back with her first boyfriend, a guy named Negus Sealy – who is a Bajan ladies man known by locals as the Love God. It was probably Negus who taught Rihanna how to dougie.

From The Sun:

Lucky Negus Sealy – who dated Rihanna before she hit the big time – was snapped dirty dancing with her at a festival in Barbados.

Umbrella star arrived in her homeland 12 days ago.

Negus, 26, is hanging out at Rihanna’s villa on the posh Sandy Lane estate.

And pals insist they are back together again.

One said: “Negus has hardly left her side. He was her first true love. The ladies here all love him – they call him the Love God.

“They’ve hooked up in the past when she’s been back in Barbados but now things have progressed into a proper relationship again.”

The couple were pictured on a beach in 2006 just as the diva’s career was taking off.

And he was a shoulder to cry on in 2009 after Rihanna, 23, was beaten up by her ex Chris Brown, 22.

But it was their outrageous behaviour at the annual Kadooment Day festival that really got tongues wagging.

A fellow reveller said: “They were all over each other and their dancing got very hot and heavy.”


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