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Law student tried to drive through a flooded street, fails

Christopher Lao, a UP College of Law student, tried to drive through a flooded street and ended up looking like an aspiring seaman.

He’s a “victim” so he blamed everyone but himself. He “should have been informed”. Yes, our streets should not be flooded and the government should do something about it, but he should blame himself as well. Was it machismo? Was he trying to impress everyone watching? I’ve been there but I know how to make a u-turn.

Maybe he just forgot this Latin maxim: NEMO EST SUPRA LEGIS (no one is above the water).



One response

  1. Watching this was funny. Having said, “I should have been informed!” many times– he fails to say, “man that was stupid of me!” which fits more appropriately. You see a big pile of water that NO ONE is driving through nor are they WALKING through, it must mean something. Nakakatanga talaga! It doesn’t take just an educated mind to know that driving through floods aren’t safe.

    August 8, 2011 at 12:35 pm

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