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Olivia Wilde has a nude scene in ‘The Change-Up’ thanks to CGI

Good news! Olivia Wilde, also known as 13 to most House fans, has a nude scene in the upcoming movie The Change-Up. This is great news if you haven’t seen the movie Alpha Dog

And now the bad news via Gizmodo:

The former OC grad preserved her modesty in a scene with Ryan Reynolds using pasties but after filming wrapped, producers noticed that Wilde’s pasties were clearly visible and that “they had no choice but to use computer-generated imagery to make the sex scene seem as real as possible.” Wilde says:

“I wasn’t actually naked but now appear to be naked because… in that scene Ryan Reynolds is supposed to be covering them (with his body) and he moved and so the pasties were in the movie and so they had to paint in nipples using CGI. And I got to approve the nipples! They sent me an email saying, ‘Please review nipple cover shot one through seven and decide which one is most like the original.’ I don’t know what he (producer) was using as source material… but I think it’s pretty close.”

I’m starting to hate the future now. I don’t mind fake boobs in the silicone sense of the word, but CGI? Really? I just feel sorry for the pubescent kids. When I was a little boy I saw a woman with 3 breasts in Total Recall. I was in awe. Days later I found out that it was prosthetics (they did not have much CGI back then). I was never the same again.

Remember Jessica Alba’s nude scene in Machete? CGI. She wasn’t even naked. Look:


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