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Shocking News: Crystal Harris said she only had sex with Hef once

Shocking news! Crystal Harris, Hugh Hefner’s runaway nurse bride, told Howard Stern that she had never seen Hef naked and that she only had sex with the 105-year-old once and that it lasted “about 2 seconds”.

“Hef doesn’t really take off his clothes. I have never seen him naked (giggles),” said the 25-year-old during the interview (which reminds me of the time Amanda Coling probably used to giggle afterbefore the Azkal ‘incident’).

“I was over it. I just like, walked away. I am not turned on by Hef. Sorry,” she added, as I stared at her chest while Stern pressed her for details.

In a separate interview with Access Hollywood, she said Hef was more into “couch cuddling and movie nights” and that “sex wasn’t really the most important thing for him” during the early stages of their relationship.

“I love Hef. I cared about Hef. I always will. We had a good time together,” added Crystal.

Hugh Hefner was surprised so he did what any young man would do: Tweet.

“The sex with Crystal the first night was good enough so that I kept her over two more nights. Crystal lied about our relationship on Howard Stern but I don’t know why.”

Hef deleted the tweet before adding, “When I said, ‘I missed a bullet’ when Crystal left, I didn’t mean I didn’t love her. I meant I realized she really didn’t love me. I feel sorry for Crystal. She seems lost,” and “Crystal convinced me that she adored me. That was the first lie.”

I don’t know about KC, but I’m Team Hef even though I don’t understand why he keeps wearing a sailor’s hat. Crystal is clearly lying about the sexual prowess of Hef. As the saying goes: SENIORS BEFORE HOES.

By the way, Hef has a new girlfriend, 27 year-old French Canadian model Shera Bechard.


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