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Rachel, Kurt and Finn are leaving Glee; KC Montero wants to audition

Lea Michele, Chris Colfer and Cory Monteith are leaving Glee after season 3 according to this post .

This is sad news for KC because he is such a big Gleek. He gets cranky every time he fails to watch Glee (which is why we urge you to buy and send him the Glee DVD box set). But we here at are optimists. Look at the bright side: Charice might get a bigger role in season 4 and KC loves her like most Filipinos.

It’s a sad day for Gleeks. But we still have a full season to enjoy and appreciate Rachel, Kurt and Finn. Appreciate Kurt Hummel’s humjob (short for “Hummel job”). Appreciate Rachel’s annoying yet talented personality. Appreciate Finn and whatever it is he does on the show.

I’m personally just waiting for Matthew Morrison and his Will Schuester character to leave the show so my mentor KC Montero can replace him. That would be awesome. Imagine KC and Charice doing a duet. Awesome. — Degenerate


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