Get in where ya fit in….

KC Fills In For Mo

KC Montero will be filling in for Mo Twister’s podcast tonight (Friday, February 11) at 10:30. KC’s big brother (no pun) Troy will co-host the show with him.

Most people consider KC and Mo to be rivals, so KC hosting Mo’s podcast is a big deal if you’re a fan. This would be the equivalent of Nora Aunor hosting Vilma Santos’ show. Or Gary V. hosting Martin’s MAD. Or Conan O’Brien subbing in for Jay Leno on The Tonight Show (Conan actually did for about 8 months, unknowingly).

Even though they’re considered rivals by many, they’re very good friends. They have a lot of things in common, too, like 2-letter names, 7-letter surnames. And if you use the love calculator to FLAMES both of them, you’ll end up with Affection because that’s what they have for each other.

You can watch the show by clicking here. They’ll be giving away a lot prizes! Like one Philips Go Gear MP3 player for every caller. They’ll give away a lot of prizes. They might even give away KC’s born-again virginity. Call them at 659-6969 between 10:30PM-12:30PM. Or add them up on Skype: goodtimeswithmopodcast.

KC Montero (right, in disguise) will host Mo's podcast Friday, February 11, 2011.


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