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Oscars Recap + Expert Commentary

By Degenerate Kid

I think James Franco was upset because he was really hoping Anne Hathaway would flash him backstage.

I’m writing this Oscars recap with a heavy heart. I started to lose faith in the Oscars the year they snubbed Jean-Claude Van Damme for Best Actor (he was awesomest in Street Fighter), and I totally lost faith when they snubbed and robbed Gigli out of several awards a few years back. Anyhoo, the 83rd Academy Awards was hosted by James Franco and Anne Hathaway (who, by the way, was brilliant in Love and Other Drugs – well parts of it, I had to fast forward/slow-motion/rewind a lot). I hope you enjoy this recap because I had to cut my vacation with Martin Sheen short because of this. Here are the winners:

Best Picture: The King’s Speech (I’ve yet to watch this movie but I’m definitely going to download it on buy the DVD – original, of course.)

Best Actor: Colin Firth The King’s Speech (I think he played Bullseye in Daredevil and made a sex tape with Nicole Narain and he drinks and curses a lot because he is Irish.)

Best Actress: Natalie Portman Black Swan (I want to say Mila Kunis deserves half of the award. I wouldn’t have watched Black Swan if they didn’t make out. They should catfight each other for the award when Natalie gets that big tumor out of her tummy. I love both of them.)



KC Fills In For Mo

KC Montero will be filling in for Mo Twister’s podcast tonight (Friday, February 11) at 10:30. KC’s big brother (no pun) Troy will co-host the show with him.

Most people consider KC and Mo to be rivals, so KC hosting Mo’s podcast is a big deal if you’re a fan. This would be the equivalent of Nora Aunor hosting Vilma Santos’ show. Or Gary V. hosting Martin’s MAD. Or Conan O’Brien subbing in for Jay Leno on The Tonight Show (Conan actually did for about 8 months, unknowingly).

Even though they’re considered rivals by many, they’re very good friends. They have a lot of things in common, too, like 2-letter names, 7-letter surnames. And if you use the love calculator to FLAMES both of them, you’ll end up with Affection because that’s what they have for each other.

You can watch the show by clicking here. They’ll be giving away a lot prizes! Like one Philips Go Gear MP3 player for every caller. They’ll give away a lot of prizes. They might even give away KC’s born-again virginity. Call them at 659-6969 between 10:30PM-12:30PM. Or add them up on Skype: goodtimeswithmopodcast.

KC Montero (right, in disguise) will host Mo's podcast Friday, February 11, 2011.

Best Valentine’s Day Card Ever

By Degenerate Kid

Unlike KC, Degenerate Kid doesn't hate Cityville.

I used to tell this girl that I know “You have no life” for reaching level 55 on Cityville. A month later, I’m level 60 and she’s still level 55. I think I need a girl, which is why I made this electronic Valentine’s Day card. It really sends the message across. This will get me laid love.

Play Cityville on Facebook and send KC invitations (he will not unfriend you). I have to go to the market now and buy some live crabs.

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