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Facebook Babies by Degenerate Kid

I need to get this off my chest: Parents, don’t create a Facebook for your baby or toddler. It’s a little bit creepy. You’re doing pedophiles a favor. For all we know, pedophiles call Facebook “The Database”.

Creating a Facebook page for your baby or toddler is worse than making a Facebook or Wikipedia entry for your pet. It’s almost as creepy as dressing up your dog or cat in some kind of costume. Living vicariously through your children is understandable (yet still kinda sick-ish), but please don’t decide for your child. Do you really think people believe that your 3-year old son’s favorite movie is “Mean Girls”? Have you decided his sexual preference for him already? He’s not even potty-trained yet. What’s next? You want your child to become an actor? This is why Kris Aquino is not my role model.

If you’re gonna make a Facebook for your child, at least wait until he learns how to read or surf for internet porn – whichever comes first.

Don’t create an account for your child unless it’s a bank account. Okay. There. I said it. It just felt creepy. Until next time. I still have to remind it to put lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again. And for it to put the lotion back into the basket.

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  1. Raks

    I super agree with you. I saw pedobear pass by facebook, he said he’ll be taking on one child at a time.
    On technicalities side, By making an account of a person below 13, and posting photos of infants, parents are breaking the terms and conditions of facebook. They are even causing those database crash for those unnecessary profiles, Which in layman’s terms, getting in the way off our adult stalking or hitting time with some hot lady or dude.

    September 11, 2010 at 7:30 am

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