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A friend of mine asked me to put together a few words for his blog.  It’s been 20 minutes of thinking and I can’t seem to think of a topic.  So now I am just typing the first thing that comes to mind.  Im hungry.  Just kidding.

Ever since I was young i’ve had a passion for music.  My mother sings, my dad plays the piano, my 2 sisters sing and my brother used to dance. My sister Jhing was recording original music, was in a band and a couple singing groups at 16 years old.  I looked up to her because she had endless perseverance when it came to her music. She also taught me how to sing.  Thank God she did or else I would’ve become a doctor or a lawyer of some sort.  But thats not the point.  The point is that music is within in our blood.

In a way my family directed me into becoming a singer.  Back in the 90’s my gigantic family would have parties every weekend.  And every get together my mom would stop the whole party to make me sing right then and there for everyone.  I would hate it.  We would fight all the time about that.  But because I respect and love my mother so much I would always let her get her way.  I would end up singing for everyone all the time.  Of course my uncle Bob would be accompanying me on his guitar.

My cousin would enter me in singing competitions at her collage.  I was the only kid competing and i’m glad to say I took home first place.  I won $400 that night then blew it the next day at the mall buying god knows what. What a waste of money.

Then I became a lead singer for my uncle Bob’s band called the Howlers.  It was fun because i got to perform with my sister Jhing all the time.  I used to sing Earth Wind & Fire, Ricky Martin and a bunch of other songs all night.  Since each member of the Howlers could sing, you name it we sang it.  We sang everything. The crowd would love it and dance all night.  Hahah that was so back in the day.

Then I joined a group called First Impression.  Our specialty was singing a cappella with a beatbox.  That was the beginning of my music.  With this group I learned about writing and producing our own music.  We engineered, vocal coached, vocal arranged, mixed and mastered all by our selves.  It wasn’t the greatest but we did it ourselves.  We knew no one else was gonna do it for us so we did it on our own.  I wish I realized that at a younger age. We even produced our own concert.  We did everything from printing the tickets and selling it to our family and friends, choreographed our songs, rented out Barns Thall Theatre in Hollywood and hired my uncles band to back us up.  Not bad for a bunch of teenagers.  Jimmy Muna and Kris Lawrence were a part of First Impression by the way.  We all branded with the F.I. tattoo.

This music thing has been a great ride.  I thank God everyday that I am blessed with this talent to create and inspire.  There’s nothing like getting on that stage to sing your songs and everyone is singing along with you having a good time.  I love that feeling.  I had a dream and went for it.  I never stopped and I never looked back.  And now Im here, still dreaming.  The adventure never stops as long as I have the determination.

So if your reading this and you have a dream.  Don’t give up on it because dreams really do come true.

NOTE FROM KC: Thanks Jayr for taking the time to write this. I do believe in what you are saying about following your dreams. I bet you never thought this would ever come true either…warning..If you don’t want to laugh please don’t click on this LINK


2 responses

  1. I guess that was Cassandra’s favorite part. The link on the last piece.. hehehe

    August 12, 2010 at 5:59 pm

  2. DK

    Wow.. it’s.. bulky.. down.. there. The pic, I mean! 😮

    August 12, 2010 at 9:04 pm

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