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Julius Babao Meets The Degenerate Kid

Julius Babao Meets The Degenerate Kid

Okay, Julius Babao didn’t really talk to me, but I follow(ed?) his tweets. I like the guy but he posted 2 tweets worthy of sarcasm from yours truly.

Julius Babao: “Ivan Padilla” sounds like “Robin Padilla”…

Degenerate Kid: What?! No way!!! Wait… Hmmm… Now that you mentioned it, yeah! I think “Ivan Padilla” sounds like “Robin Padilla”. Maybe it’s because they share the same last name. I could be wrong though…

Julius Babao: Trivia : Ivan Padilla and Robin Padilla are distant relatives according to Mrs. Malou Padilla.

Degenerate Kid: Really?! OMG! What are the odds!? This really amazes me. Who would have thought!? Hey, is KC Montero related to Troy Montero by any chance? Something about their names sound alike. I’m just taking a chance here though.. Hey, don’t go…

Editor’s Note: Julius Babao really tweeted those things. Degenerate Kid is not really a douchebag though. It would be cool if you can strikethrough the “not” of “not really a douchebag”.


One response

  1. nikki

    I think mr. babao i just stating a small info or possibility of the two being distant relatives.. because there are many padilla’s out there i even ask my friend if he’s a distant relative..and some of the padilla’s known in our country was former official of the there a chance.. that they are also related to ivan padilla.. just my pov 🙂

    August 7, 2010 at 3:50 am

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