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Follow me on Twitter by Degenerate Kid, the most degenerate kid of them all.

“Follow Me Back” by Alvin Louis aka Degenerate Kid.

DISCLAIMER: Stuff written by this writer should not be read, ever.

If you ever asked somebody to follow you on Twitter, you might want to stop reading

as you might get offended by what this writer has to say (but if you stop reading

the rest of this article, you’ll never know the secret of how to get followed by

porn stars).

“Asking a celebrity to follow you on Twitter isn’t like begging a girl to have sex

with you, but it’s close.” (more…)


The Cassandra Monteriod saga

I am not a mean person. I do not wish pain and suffering upon anyone. Even upon my mortal enemy, Cassandra Monteriod. I pray that she gets better. What do you think will happen guys?

What’s a belt for?

I’ve always wondered what a boxer would do with something like this. I asked Nonito Donaire if I could actually use for what it was made to do. It’s called a belt right? Shouldn’t it be there to hold up your pants? Even Kris Lawrence tried….we had to give the belt back.

Notice the guy in the back. What’s he looking at?

Maneuver’s 25th Anniversary